14 November 2008

Yes We Can (reprised) by Will.i.am

You know, whenever I get depressed or sad or stressed out, I watch this again and feel a catharsis and start feeling better about myself and the world.


kenju said...

I like that!

Alice said...

We are not a nation as divided as our politics suggest ... yes we can.

I have chills.

(ironically, my word verification is condem ...)

G in Berlin said...

Tears still come to my eyes whenever I hear "We are one nation, we are one people".

Especially as I read the lead story today, of incidents of egregious racism occurring across the US. I remember that it was only 30 years ago that swastikas were sprayed on our house in the US and only last week that I saw them sprayed here in Berlin: we are a better people than we think, we are the people that we have been waiting for. Now is the tme to stand up for that.