02 November 2008

Election minus 2.

I know that nothing that I say or do at this point can make any difference, but I still feel the need to do something, so here, watch this and pass it on:

And now that it is November 2, let me tell you the truth: although I have been asking people to vote without regard to whom they were voting for, I really can't understand how any person could, in conscience, vote for McCain/Palin. Even if one could have voted for McCain, a person who loves our country should be unable to vote for a ticket including Palin. No one I have asked to explain their choice has been able to do so in any rational way. So if you vote the other way, please don't tell me.


Jul said...

Ah, the old "don't ask, don't tell". :)

The Honourable Husband said...

I can explain the McCain voter's choice. But the word would be nasty. And I think we all know what that word is.