30 November 2008

My newest passion is a soup.

A tomato soup, to be exact. I was wandering through Foodgawker (my secret addiction is food porn) and I saw this soup at Lucullian Delights, a lovely ex-pat blog focused on Italian cooking. I have stopped by here before, but I just happened to have all the ingredients for this wonderful soup in my fridge, so I threw it together yesterday. Then, after finishing it off this evening, I made aother pot that is bubbling away on the stove ready for lunch tomorrow.

I have changed the soup a bit from her, I am sure more authentic: Minestra di Pomodori, Patate, Aglio e Timo.


A bunch of potatoes, peeled and sliced relatively thinly, cross wise if large.
500 g. tomato passierte
about two cups of water
lots of garlic cloves, diced
4-6 large tomatoes that actually smell like tomatoes, diced (I use a super dicer that makes it a joy)
a punnet of white mushrooms, sliced moderately thinly.
sea salt
black pepper
fresh thyme or dried thyme that is still strong (should smell strongly or discard and repurchase)
extra virgin olive oil


In a large low pot, place potatoes and garlic with olive oil to allow easy sauteeing without burning. Generously salt and pepper. Sautee until the garlic smells great and potatoes appear a bit cooked. Add mushrooms, toss until coted with olive oil (add more as needed), salt and pepper again. Cook until mushrooms appear a bit wilted.

Add passierte tomatoes (basically, boxed pureed tomatoes) and water, add 2T (or more to taste) of thyme, 1T oregano, some parsley. Simmer for 30-40 minutes.

Serve, salt and pepper as needed. Yum!


MsTypo said...

Congrats on making it through NaBloPoMo!! :)

This soup sounds tasty and doesn't contain any Hubby unfriendly ingredients so i'll have to try it! :)

Anonymous said...

Ummmm that sure sounds like good soup. We're really into soup weather now here in Utah although we haven't seen much snow yet. I'll be trying your version soon. Thanks a lot. And congratulations on the NaBloPoMo. Even if you think you have lots to say, it's not easy to post every day!

Lynda said...

Oh My Lord!!!!
I can't believe that I haven't had FoodGawker in my life before this... amazing website... I could cry just looking at it...

G in Berlin said...

I know- sometimes we sit here, side by side, the German and I. He reads real estate porn and I read food porn.I can't even look at tastespotter because one is enough: I can barely keep up with the recipes as it is. I gather them into an excel spreadsheet and I try to hit a new one at least once a week. Now I am doing Tuesdays with Dorie, that should give me several interesting recipes to add to a food plan. I have given up on THing1 ever eating anything that has more than a single ingredient,so that frees me up a lot.