10 November 2008

For the uneducated, who think our next President will raise taxes.

This is what happens when we actually have a Depression (and a war). Stop the infantile crying when expected to actually contribute to the welfare of our country.
I believe that the wealthy have a social responsibility. I believe that progressive taxation is morally correct. I am happy to have my taxes increase to ensure that all Americans have a roof over their head, food in their bellies, and access to healthcare. I include childcare to allow women to work, access to education, and care when elderly as basic human rights. I want to believe that we all feel this way.
Strangely enough, when I talk to even the most dedicated McCain voters (no one has ever told me that Palin was a positive factor, which indicates my pool of friends, family and acquaintances does not include any psychotic religious folk) they all agree with this basic premise. They fight about details and whether there may be abuses. Let's start with getting this in order before we quibble over how to enforce fairness.

photo credit Dorothea Lange 1938

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