15 November 2008

Time for a bit of a rest and a Quantum of Solace review.

It's been a hectic sort of a week, as you know. The running around, the children out of school, the exhaustion. I have two book clubs next week and In the Country of Men made me sad, but A 1,000 Splendid Suns made me weep. I'm not certain if I will talk about them, but perhaps after the meetings.

In addition, we had the German's birthday and to celebrate we got a sitter and went to see Quantum of Solace. It was great but it was fast-paced and very violent. So violent that I remarked upon it and the German felt that it was too violent. I think it was appropriate for the material, but yes, it was extremely violent. (Roger Moore felt that too.) The German also had difficulty following the plot, (although I didn't) and he felt that there should have been more plot and less violence. I actually think that if you put Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace together as a single movie it might be easier for folks to follow.

Something I noticed was how absolutely fabulous Bond's suits were (and how well they fitted Daniel Craig) but I don't think the German will be getting one for his next birthday: perhaps if we win a lottery.

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Snooker said...

Yeah I agree completely. The two movies should have been one or something. I went with someone who saw Casino Royale in the movie house when it came out... she was clueless about the story line of Quantum of Solace.

The violence... I don't know, not such a big deal for me. What I hated was the editing and all of the moving camera shots. I think that the fast edits between the Bond action and the "local events" was stupid. I don't need stuff like that to be excited about what is happening.

Also, what happened to the Bond Benchmarks? Where was a Q to explain the latest toys? Where was the smart banter?

Hmmm... maybe I should post this on my own blog, eh?

Thanks for making me think about it though.