11 November 2008

Tuesdays with Dorie-1st Post is a missed week and why.

For those stopping by for my Tuesday with Dorie post, my apologies. I'll be here next week and the week after, as per the rules.

It's been a bit of a difficult start for me, as my book arrived last Tuesday after my kids arrived home from school, then when my husband got home I had a musical to run to and then (since this is Germany) all the stores were closed and I had missed my opening.

I should have made the Kugelhopf on Wednesday, but I was exhausted after 42 hours up watching the election and taking care of the kids and crashed. Then we needed to leave town for a meeting the German had by Koeln (we stayed with friends not too far away) and spent the weekend with my in-laws (and visited the famous Kirmes in Soest- this was a far better year than last year- great weather and no Norovirus). Back on Sunday late and this week is my older daughter's English test (which we are so afraid she willl fail) and we need to register her at 5 separate schools before the open period ends, so once again I have been running around like a mouse in the open. I am spending my time trying to get her to actually speak English and we are taking all day tomorrow to try to remind her that it is her Mother Tongue.

So, please stop back next week to see my Arborio Rice Pudding- I will have it up on Tuesday if I have to send the whole family away on Saturday to allow me to get it done;).


MsTypo said...

I'm exhausted just reading all the things you've been doing!

Now stop whatever you're doing. Take a deep breath. And live the next five minutes just for you. Not for your kids, or your husband, or your family, or yoru friends. Live the next five minutes for YOU. **hugs**

What's for Supper? said...

Your header picture on your blog is very pretty!

G in Berlin said...

@Type 0:Thanks, sometimes I just get a little "stressed", which I put in quotes, because Germans say it about the slightest thing. Sometimes I really do get stressed.
@What's for Supper: I have been changing it a lot, but if you mean the garden it's my mom's backyard. Sometimes I really miss the weather in my section of the NorthEast. I think it's really lovely too.