29 November 2008

What I've been reading in links recently.

An interview with Terry Pratchett

Senseless murders in Mumbai

And thank goodness that we actually got out of the house and went to see something. I'll write up our touristing tomorrow, after the serious shopping I hope to do with our rental: I don't often have the opportunity to load up on non-perishables and I can't wait (the rental is a mini-van, so we have lots of space)!

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Bungalow Barbara said...

Thank you so much for the link to the Terry Pratchett interview! I love his books and was very sad to hear about his early Alzheimers diagnosis. Glad he's doing not too badly so far.

I often stop reading series after they hit about a dozen books -- the author generally has run out of things to say. Not Pratchett! He gets better as he goes along!