28 November 2008

Hatred in Action

I have had a couple of recent posts about racism and anti-semitism (and how easy it is to forget). The blowback has been that the disagreement some feel with Israel's policies doesn't indicate anti-semitism. I disagree in so many ways, because I have never seen a discussion of Israel's policies outside of the US (where people do disagree and yet manage not to be Jew haters while doing so) which did not have one side veer into vitriolic anti-semitism.

But this hideous murder of a young Rabbi and his wife, who have absolutely nothing to do with Israel's policies, who simply held a community center whose only purpose is openness and outreach, who worked for nothing but good within the Mumbai community!

The choice to take, violently, the Jewish Community Center of Mumbai and there to commit murder: what purpose did that serve except Jew hatred?

The same purpose served when my children's kindergarten here has swastikas painted on it, or rocks thrown though the window, or threats made agains it and the community center. This is not disagreement with  Israel's policies. This is an outspringing of the disease known as Jew hatred, taught in the madrassas as cartoon Jews murder bootlegged Mickey Mouses to help infants learn to hate Jews, and taught in Europe through comments, made openly at political dinners by French ambassadors, such as "Dirty little Jews- they are always starting wars" or cartoons such as these pieces of filth:--- Strange how Jews and Israelis have not issued fatwahs or murdered people over these, isn't it? And my heart goes out to the poor people, of all races and religions, who have been terrorized and murdered because of the horrible and disgusting practices of religious psychotics. May they one day come to realize that their own religion condemns them and their actions.

Al-Wifaq, February 6, 2006 (Iran)

Translation: The Jewish\Israeli devil is saying: "I don't admit the limits of freedom of speech except the Holocaust."

Web Site of the Arab European League (February 2, 2006)

Al-Watan, February 3, 2004 (Oman)
On left - Feast of the Immolation
On right - The Islamic World's Attitude?

Tishrin, Apirl 21, 2002 (Syria)
The book in the left hand of the Jewish stereotype is the Torah


MsTypo said...

An incredibly well written post!

kenju said...

I don't understand what is going on in Mumbai - or why - but it scares the hell outta me.

Ralph said...

Good post. Anti-Semitism, both on the street and in government offices, is more prevalent in Berlin than in our location near Bonn. That has something to do with the large Muslim population, of course, but also with segments of the political right and left, some ensconced in parliament, in Berlin.

It was quite a shock for me when I found the "progressive" left--Greens like Hans-Christian Ströbele--making anti-Semitic public statements.

Naive as I was, I had thought that Germany had exorcised this demon from its soul.

There's ample anti-Semitism in our home country as well. It's an irony that German customs officials are instructed to check book parcels coming from the States for copies of "Mein Kampf," which is banned in Germany.

Milly said...

Hi G,

I had to cover the Mumbai craziness for Deutsche Welle and interviewed an Indian author who suggested the Jewish center as well as the two hotels was targeted because it guaranteed media attention... though it may have been rampant anti-Semitism (interesting, also, that the choice was a Lubavitch center and not, for example, the Israeli embassy or a synagogue) it does make me wonder just how accurate this author's thoughts were. Considering that twice as many people were killed in Nigeria in the same timeframe (Christian vs. Muslim violence in Jos) and that this was not the worst - though perhaps the most frightening - bombing in Bombay in recent history, he may have a point that this was beyond anti-Semitism.

Interview here, if you're interested: http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,3834721,00.html

Milly said...

PS That doesn't detract from your thoughts on anti-Semitism in Germany... DW also just reported a scary survey saying that 1 in 9 Germans have feelings bordering on anti-Semitism.