12 December 2010

The Holiday Whirl: Rapunzel

I always love Sony Center in the holidays- nice architectural design, great lighting. We met some friends at the OV theatre to see Rapunzel in English and we all had a great time: I think this is the best Disney movie for the kids in, perhaps, forever. The music was, perhaps, not the best ever, but the plot and the animation were top-notch. What a pleasure to see a movie where the mom doesn't die, is not at fault, the parents haven't done anything wrong and survive the story!

We had a great time.

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Anonymous said...

Rapunzel was my favorite fairy tale as a kid; somehow I see I've always been somewhat obsessed by hair, perhaps because mine was always so fine and relatively thin. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie too, with our grandchildren, but my daughter was a little incensed at the stepmother's manipulation of Rapunzel, and thought it was a little too scary for younger kids. too bad the movie came along just when I'd given up the idea of ever having rapunzel hair--at least I have hair now, which is a whole lot warmer for sleeping than bald.