01 December 2010


My three sweethearts, one anonymously
For the third year we went to the American Church in Berlin for their Thanksgiving Buffet and Concert. We are grateful that they have allowed their celebration to be open to those that are not members of their faith and their congregation.
This year was smaller and more intimate than last, with the entertainment being solely drawn from the congregation (which included a wonderful retired opera singer as well as a pianist who made me realize how long it's been since I heard Debussey and how wonderful his works are), while last year included professionals such as the Harlem Gospel Choir. They were wonderful, but this year was much more haimish. Although thre was babysitting and we had prepaid, we thought ahead and brought the double stroller and both the girls were fast asleep by the time the entertainment started and stayed that way through the concert, making it wonderful for all of us.
The celebration was on Saturday of course, as American Thanksgiving is not a holiday outside of Thanksgiving. It worked well for us as the German was in Munich on the day and the children were at school, so celebrating at home would have been impossible (I actually made a nice beef stew on that day— perhaps I'll post that later).

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Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely, especially would have enjoyed the Harlem choir last year.