01 May 2008

It's May, glorious May...

Started out with a rain shower but ended crisp, clear and lovely.

Went to another book club last night, to discuss the Tudors. Most of us had read The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory, which I greatly enjoyed.

I have always had a thing for that period, from reading through Shakspeare's histories (starting with Henry IV pt II (why, you ask- I have no idea why I started with part II!)) and I found the book fun but frothy, with a decent description of the court and how it worked. I did think that some of her theories of the history were wrong. In particular, her presentation of the relationship between Anne Boleyn and her brother George as being actually incest**us rather than charges laid solely to allow Henry VIII to actually go through with murdering her are really her own: no reputable historian considers that those charges are true .

But it was great to get out for an evening and I'm looking forward to the next meeting.

Today we slept in as much as the girls would let us (not very) then tidied up, played for a while, and had a late breakfast.

When I put Thing2 down for a nap, I went down with her and the German and Thing1 headed out to a market that would be open today (May Day is a legal holiday here in Germany and in most of Europe). We need to buy milk every other day here because 1. it is sold in liters and 2. our refrigerator is too small to stock enough liters to last longer and 3. I can't drag even more liters in my little trolley every other day. There were no chicken breasts available, but I had two in the fridge and made an interesting recipe that allowed me to stretch them through stir frying. I may add it later....

After the girls were in bed I made a marble cake: tomorrow Thing1 can frost it with me.

And now Desperate Housewives and, if we have time, Brothers and Sisters.


Anonymous said...

I have three Philippa Gregory novels that I've yet to read. I'm looking forward to them though.

Miss Kim said...

I recently read a huge selection of books on the Tudors, including Margaret George's Six Wives of Henry VIII, which was fabulous. Then I read at least one book on each of the wives and eventually watched the DVD of last year's production of the Tudors. It's fun to feel like I now know each of the main players! The Boleyn Girl was lost of fun as well.

G in Berlin said...

I'm just taping the 2nd season of the Tudors now- I need to get the DVD of the first season before I start watching. I have the Margaret George as well but haven't read it yet- I'm looking forward to it.