18 May 2008

What's for Dinner?

Chicken Marsala, Candied Carrots, and Mom's cucumber salad.

All with a side order of pizza- Thing1 had wanted pizza for linch but got grilled putenwurst instead, so we picked up a mini-cheese and both the girls had a slice, with a bit of chicken and a few carrots. Luckily, the German chowed down. otherwise it is just depressing doing all this cooking.
Mom's Cucumber Salad:
3 good sized cucumbers
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup white vinegar
sugar to taste
Peel cucumbers, then slice thinly. Sprinkle slices with salt, allow to sit for 35 minutes. Squeeze well! Place in non-reactive bowl, add water/vinegar/sugar (already mixed to taste). Add fresh dill, ground pepper, very thinly sliced onion, either red or white. Sprinkle freshly minced Italian parsley, if desired.
I didn't have any white vinegar, so I used white wine vinegar. I added 4 onions (equivalent to one good sized onion), because I like onion. No parsley, even though I have it on hand (in a vase in the kitchen) because I prefer it without. I love this recipe.
The carrots were made to take care of an old package that was starting to get a bit whiskery and I wish that we had made more. A very simple recipe that I jiggered to gether based on the glazed sweet potatoes I made last week:
Candied Carrots: As many carrots as you like, sliced. Add some water, brown sugar to taste, a T of butter, a turn of the salt mill. Cook in a saucepan on the stovetop until as done as you like them. With 7 carrots I used about 1/4 cup brown sugar and the same water.


Snooker said...
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Snooker said...

Hey, we made Chicken Marsala last night. Very nice. I couldn't find any Marsala wine, so I just went with a Spanish red... it turned out nicely.

N. ate everything on her plate even though she doesn't like wine, mushrooms OR onions. ;)

G in Berlin said...

And I made it with a Chianti classico- whatever I am drimking seems to work. Glad N. liked it.