06 May 2008

Tedious Tuesday

This is the reason I spent the first part of the day without power and most of the rest without water. It was a more amusing picture when it had the street cleaning machine (about the size of a Smart) stuck in it, but I didn't want to run up 5 floors and then back down again with a camera after I carried the girls and the car seat down the stairs to catch the school bus.
It's a bit of a pain because the bus is used for a second run picking up older children and therefore there is no room to keep the second seat on board so I need to carry it back and forth daily. We sent a lighter seat over from the States because I can't manage Thing2 and their regular Britax marathon togther, but I'm not willing to put Thing2 in just a booster pad as is done here in Germany: she's too small by US regulations and I think a 5-point harness is far safer.

So the cleaning machine was driving down the sidewalk when it fell through. This is the same spot where there had been a prior water main break so I am assuming that when they repaired it the workers did not shore up the street enough. They turned the electricity back on around 11 am but the water was not repaired until 18:45. We ordered in Indian. I asked for scharf, but it was bland. Sigh.


Snooker said...

You asked for scharf and you got it bland... by your standards. The average German would probably have been searching for cooling water. They really don't like hot food at all here. Too bad. I really miss it.

G in Berlin said...

The problem is that I had previously ordered from this restaurant and when I said scharf it came reallyscharf, So much so the German could not eat it. This time it was so bland that I just squirted Vietnamese hot sauce all over it. This is why we can't order in.

Diane Mandy said...

This is our first post all week which didn't make me HUNGRY! I thought of you last night. We found a good sushi place in Mannheim for dinner. I am still thinking of it today.

G in Berlin said...

I envy you that sushi- still haven't made it to that restaurant with Snooker.