08 May 2008

Lime (no, that's Lemon Chicken)

And I don't mean the Lemon Chicken that I made yesterday.

This was meant to be Lime Chicken from Kitchen Parade (a great site filled with fast and easy yet flavorful recipes)but I had only lemons, so I substituted the lime juice and zest with lemon juice and zest. I used Dijon mustard with the German's favorite creamy honey for the honey mustard (and boy, was that zippy: I usually hate honey mustard, but this was great) and our Kikkoman for the soy sauce. Still out of garlic and used leeks this time to dice and substitute. A very refreshing dish.

I also made mashed sweet potatoes to use up the 4 (they were actually yams) that I had sitting in a basket. Very simple, only requiring the always difficult to find in Germany brown sugar. Nice meal, not too sweet, since I used a little less sugar and 1/3 more yams than the recipe called for.
I am really trying to live with having to shop every other day and that anything I purchase will go bad within 3 days and I am gettimg better at it.


Alanna Kellogg said...

So good to know that lemon works too, I bet the chicken tasted good with the sweet potatoes, too. Thanks so much for posting!

Alice at Wintersong said...

G, it looks wonderful. Too bad my hubby is a vegetarian (who's not too fond of vegetables but that's a different story!). I think shopping daily for what you need to cook with that day is ideal, but it takes a chunk out of your day and I found when I tried it once I spent more money. On the other hand, you're less likely to waste things because of packing too many items in a small space in the fridge!