04 May 2008

Chicken Marsala (Cabernet)

As I start reading my cookbooks and writing down recipes, this Chicken Marsala recipe is one that I saw over at Smitten Kitchen some time ago and which I thought looked lovely. So when we set out for the market, mushrooms, onions and garlic were on my shopping list. Here I have already browned the cicken. I varied the recipe by cutting the chicken breasts into chunks as that would be 1.easier for the children to eat, and 2. I only had two chicken breasts left from the previous chicken recipe I made.

I also increased the amount of mushrooms by 50%- I really like mushrooms. And after tasting the onions in the midst of sauteeing, I added two more onions as well. Here you also see the Cabernet that we are not only drinking while cooking, but also using in cooking: I don't think I've ever actually had marsala, but I have a vagueish idea that it may be a slightly sweeter red wine. No matter, I like my Cabernet.
These aren't a bouquet, they are my dill (purchased for the refrigerator pickles I didn't get to yet) and my parsley.
It's amazing how mushrooms cook down, isn't it? The German and I agree with Alex of SK- this recipe is too good not to repeat.


Unknown said...

Yum. I so prefer Chicken Marsala over Chicken Masala. *sigh*

G in Berlin said...

I love Tikka Masala- but I don't know how to make it, or where to get the correct spices for it:-(

Diane Mandy said...

You *do* like mushrooms, don't ya? :-)

honeypiehorse said...

Yum! Thanks for posting this.

honeypiehorse said...

I made this last night and it was really good!!!