07 May 2008

Lemon Chicken

I made Lemon Chicken from Simply Recipes and I am copying Elise's photo here, with all credit to her: the recipe, when finished, did look exactly like this, but her plates are better and I forgot to take a picture because the German was too busy complaining that the meat was on the bone.
Fair enough, he hates poultry on the bone and here in Germany, where the chickens are basically miniature, it's difficult enough to get the meat off. I had followed the recipe and used hahnchen schenkels and wings and I had to cut the meat off for all three of my peeps. The marinade was very good, it permeated the meat well, and I think I will try it again sometime, either with poultry breasts or back in the States where I can expect more meat on other pieces. I substituted shallots for garlic because I was out and also threw in some granulated garlic that I had on hand.
I served it wath parsley-garlic mashed potatoes that I made with chicken stock. The German and Thing2 loved them, Thing1, of course, had an apple.

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