05 May 2008

Green Bean and Cherry Tomato salad

As I mentioned on Saturday, there were gorgeous cherry tomatoes at the market. We bought 1,5kg and wound up snacking on 1/2kg over the next several days. Thing2 was eating them like candy! I had seen this recipe over at Smitten Kitchen and it looked delicious, so we picked up green beans as well. It was very simple and fast. Only variation: I had no shallots, so I used garlic and I had no red wine vinegar so I used white wine vinegar and added a splsh of red wine.

Once again, everyone loved it (except Thing1, who had plain rice with soy sauce and plain green beans). Thing2 had so many tomatoes today I'm hoping that her digestion is okay!


Lynda said...

You are just cooking and cooking! How are the German lessons coming along?

Cherry tomatoes make great pasta sauce when they are cheap and abundant.. cook them down with garlic onion and basil - puree and kids love how sweet the sauce is.

christina said...

That looks delicious. We're having guests over tomorrow night so I might try it out.