22 May 2008

Sick again....

Well, I'd been hoping that we could avoid being ill for a while... Thing1 actually was ill on Monday- she got off the bus and made it to our front door (on the street that is, 5 floors down) before she told me how sick she was and then proceeded to vomit. So, there I was, with Thing 2 and the car seat and the rucksacks behind me, holding Thing1's long hair and her shoulders as she vomited on a major street in Berlin, with the tourists walking by and the people eating at the cafe next door (on the street, weather has been great) watching. One gentleman who needed to enter past us (we have businesses on most floors) kindly gave us tissue so that I could help Thing1 wipe her mouth. Then I carried each one of them and the car seat up the stairs, onto the lift, out of the lift and up the next half landing and down the corridor into the apartment.

Thing1 said that she was ill because A, a little boy in her class, had hit her. I am actually sure that he had (he is a behavior problem that I understand, because he is very young and very large: my nephew had the same problem) but I don't think that was why she was sick. She had no fever, wasn't ill again, and ate dinner without being sick so she went to school on Tuesday. We called her teacher and there was no real problem at school (Thing1 is good at telling others "Stop touching/hitting me", we have practiced it) so all was well.

But Wednesday night, Thing2 started vomiting. After the third time ( and not small vomits either), when we finally got her to sleep at after 11 pm (and after stripping and changing sheets and pillowcases on two beds- see why I couldn't live without a washer and dryer?) I knew that she needed to stay home from school.

So Thursday was a home day and the second missed German class day for me. I called my teacher and asked if one of the other students (who lives by me) could drop off the homework that I missed and she kindly brought it over herself: she's so nice! She stayed for a few minutes to explain it to me and I will try to catch up this weekend.

In any case, things are currently difficult with Thing2 anyway. It seems that 4 of her teeth are all coming in at once and she's having trouble getting to sleep, she has developed a terrible fear of the bath (which I guess is developmental because Thing2 went through it as well at around this age) which is wreaking havoc on our generally happy play/bath time and making Thing1 sad as she has to play alone, and she is starting to think about toilet training, although she is only sitting on the potty with her diaper on, rather than without. Lots of changes and stress.


InTheFastLane said...

I think that if kids get sick that it is always wonderful to do in in front of diners :) I have had a few of those myself. I hope they are feeling better!

Helen said...

Sorry to hear that the little ones have been sick. Hope all is back on track soon.

Gute besserung.