16 April 2008

Upcoming trips...

  1. The Keukenhof on the weekend of April 26th. Please let there be a single day without rain!
  2. We want to go to Venice mid-May. Diane persuaded me that there are decent air rates out there and she's right. But to get them we will be flying out of Duesseldorf, which is a bit of a pain. I've never been to Venice - anyone have any hotel/hostel/B&B recommendations?
  3. Denver in mid-August (without kids, yeah!). I'm going to the World SF convention. I had thought that I would be going alone but the German has decided that for various reasons he would prefer to come along, so this should basically be the honeymoon we didn't have;-).
  4. Upstate NY in early October. My niece is Bat Mitzvah and we want to be there.

I need to get a little more European vacationing going here, but it's a start!


Adam said...

Denver in August = Democrat's Convention. I'm not really sure how your convention will differ in substance.

Did I really just say that?!

G in Berlin said...

I should be missing the democratic Convention by 15 days and that's a very good thing, in my opinion.

I'm pretty certain thatthre will be far more interesting, intellectually stimulating and substantive discussions at my convention;-)

Diane Mandy said...

Venice? I'm proud of you!!! Don't forget to visit the Deutche Weinstrasse. I have a little book with all the wine festivals coming soon. Pick a weekend!