18 April 2008

Burning the chometz...

Of course I can't do that, as I have no place to actually burn it. But yesterday I packed most of the chometz in the flat up into boxes, finishing up this morning. I sealed the boxes and sold it (on-line. I love the Internet) and tomorrow morning I send the girls out with the German while I do the final thorough clean through and wipe down. I need to remember to save somepieces of bread so that Thing 1 can find them in a ritual search before lunch;-)

I ran out this morning to the Kosher deli and picked up (at price gougingly high cost) kosher-for-Passover wine, matzoh, gefilte fish (yeah- it was labelled Hungarian style so let's see if I actually like it), matzoh meal, cookies and a chicken. I already had the eggs, potatoes and bitter herbs, so now I only need the walnuts for the charoseth and some time and I should be ready to start the preparations by mid-morning. This will be our first solitary Pesach, so luckily the girls are really too young to understand if I do a poor job of it and I am sure that I will get better at it every year.

I also met up for a quick lunch with Snooker : she was going to share a local sushi place with me, but due to my time constraints (darn kids) we wound up having to meet too early and instead did a very nice little Chinese place. My chicken with green curry was nicely spiced and tasty and we enjoyed (at least I did) a pleasant chat and get to know each other session. I'd try for sushi again next week but since it's school break my next week is a yawning span of amuse the children time: perhaps we can do it next month.

It was fun to check out another area of Berlin: I'm starting to feel that I am actually seeing some of it and I'm just enjoying walking around and looking at stores. Amusingly, a store that I had attempted to find last week (and walked in the rain 40 minutes to discover had moved) was a few doors down from where we had lunch. Serendipity. I will be there again next week.


Snooker said...

Hey G!
I really enjoyed our conversation as well. It is nice to meet someone I've been reading about.

Most certainly we will meet again, you still need to experience the sushi house!

Diane Mandy said...

Sushi--I'm so jealous. And also for getting to meet another blog buddy!