15 April 2008

7 random Things (about me)

Hmm, this is actually a toughie.Thanks, Diane, for making me stop to think about the random bits of my life.
  1. I am seriously reading addicted. We are talking, read toothpaste tubes if all else fails,to fall aleep. In the olden days, when I would do a 7 day hike, I would bring at least two books and one had to be re-readable.
  2. I used to smoke. I started when I was 19 (I know, no excuse) and said for years that I would quit when I could replace it with another fixation. I quit January 1998, after dating the German (a non-smoker) for two months (we had met in August). He never asked me to, and now I can't believe how tolerant he was: I hate cigarette smoke and stale smell now.
  3. The older I grow, the more intolerant I become of intolerance. When I was younger, I might have piped up about egregious bigotry. Now my list of attitudes and (even unconscious) bigotries that I won't let pass has really gotten quite long. Hey, if my opinions are too strong for you, you probably don't want to be my friend anyway. And at least I won't feel complicit.
  4. I like science fiction conventions. Not media conventions, science fiction cons. They are a place where like minded readers of science fiction can come together to meet with, talk to, and talk about their favorite genre writers, both living and dead. I generally go to at least one major convention and a minor one every year.
  5. I am a cat lover. I have had cats (generally plural) since I was 6. I moved off campus my sophomore year because I felt my parents weren't giving my girls enough love. Right now, I have only 1 boy: his older brothers passed on before we moved here, at 16 and 18. We all still miss them.
  6. I am in some things a food snob. I like my coffee and my wine. I drink far more of the former and have had to hurry to drink some of the latter in my cellar as they have over-matured. There really is a difference between types of coffee and Starbucks burns theirs.
  7. I love sushi but have eaten it only once since I reached Berlin. With the limited time we have to go out (babysitters are expensive) I haven't wanted to waste time and money on the mediocre sushi that was so expensive when I first tried it. But the Vietnamese, Nepalese and Indian I have tried since getting here has both been good and a welcome relief to my blanded out taste buds.

I'm not certain whom I should tag as memes seem to be running about wildly. I'll try my new blogfriend A at My Wintersong, if she has time. I'd love to hear her 7 random things.


Diane Mandy said...

Wow, G. We have a lot in common! If I lived closer I'd offer to babysit. The sushi is really mediocre here, too. AND EXPENSIVE!

G in Berlin said...

Well, if you lived closer I would want to get a babysitter and the German and I would go out with you and Max. Which can still happen if you come to visit.Pick an interesting event and come on over. Or join me at a con in England when the next good one comes up, if that's another common interest?

G in Berlin said...

I'm not certain why Alice wasn't able to post her comment, but here is her response to the meme: http://wintersong.wordpress.com/2008/04/17/seven-random-things-about-me/