09 April 2008

Mmm, rhubarb compote on the stove...

You really know that it's spring when rhubarb and its companion strawberries are on the shelves at the fruit market. I bought a large punnet of strawberries and a large bunch of rhubarb on Monday at the market at the Bahnhof when I went back to Charlottenberg to visit Broken English. It was an interesting market: all Russian. I was tempted to try some of their deli, but my bag was already too heavy (I added kiwis and pears to the above). I had been going to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie (can't quite get my mind around pie crust without shortening yet), but the Things demanded strawberries as their due yesterday and today at snack time, so I wound up throwing together compote.

I love the ease of compote: slice the rhubarb, add whatever strawberries you have left, toss in some lemon juice (I was out so I squeezed an orange in), a little bit of water and start adding sugar (or honey to taste). Yumm.

Oh, and it rained again. Is this the 120th day of some type of precipitation?


Snooker said...

You can get Crisco at the KaDeWe, although you will know that you've never paid so much for fat before. But hey, you only live once and Crisco lives forever!

I've used the German version of it, but I'm afraid that pie crust just doesn't come out the same.

Also wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten you... I'm just trying to come up with a day that N and I will be able to meet for lunch in your area. She's been busy at work, thus it's gotten harder. But I can meet you almost any day next week if you like. Otherwise it will probably be next Thursday or Friday if we wait for N.

Diane Mandy said...

At least 120 days. Does it ever end?

Diane Mandy said...


Just added his shelf!

Joyce said...

You would mention fresh rhubarb and strawberries as I'm hunkering down during a blizzard, wouldn't you? Pre-blizzard, I observed that my rhubarb is beginning to pop out of the ground. I couldn't tell if the new strawberry plants made it through winter, but I have hopes.

Trade you some snow with 50 mph winds for some rain?


G in Berlin said...

Sooker-left a message on your blog. I think I will do cobbler next as it doesn't require me to do pie crust.

Diane- I don't know. Should I start my count back in September or leave it at March 1st. I think it has precipitated every day since I got here. What do you and Snooker think?

Joyce- I would trade you. Some nice clean snow and blue skies would be pretty cool. But I have more rhubarb and strawberries I appreciate having a new vehetable (or is it a fruit?).