17 April 2008

Quick- Calling all parents with children in German Schools-

What do you give the teachers for holidays in pre-school or regular school? I just got an e-mail from the parent representative from Thing 2's class saying that she got presents for those teachers. You know, annoying kitschy stuff liike serving plates. Now, the German was last week made the second parent rep for Thing 1's class, and the other one does nothing. So we knew not that we should do this. I can run out tonight, I guess, and get some cheap kitsch, but can't I just give a nice card with money (?how much) and let them choose what they like?

In a country where the wedding invitations say, give us money because we are already stocked, where I receive a death announcement and am expected to send geld, how can I have to give these poor teachers junk rather than allow them to use money for what they would like?

Also, we just started having soda/drinks delivered: do you tip? If so, how much?



Gardner said...

Wow, with not much time left, that would be really tough. The parents here usually get something thoughtful for the teachers (spa weekend, night at the theater, plants). They usually match the personality of the teacher.

I would definitely ask around with the other parents and make a plan with them.

Anonymous said...

Something unique that not every other student has given or will give them - - engraved pens are always nice :) Good luck!