25 April 2008

Family fun...

The German's sister has a spare bike that she is giving to us to bring back to Berlin because we are afraid that the bikes we brought from the States are too nice to leave about and will get stolen. F (his dad) has an old bike for him, so we should be all set. We got to visit the 'family' storage unit, in a gorgeous old stone barn, where everyone keeps their boats, trailers, tractors and miscellania. The Things got a real kick out of sitting on Uncle H's tractor.

Then F drove us about for a bit. We had hoped to stop and see Uncle H's lambies, but they were away in another uncle's fields (acting as portable lawn mowers) so we only got to see a few older sheep.

We visited a Bismarckturm (I can't find a good explanation- these are towers built for the 100th anniversary of Bismarck's birth?-there are many around Germany) and climbed the tower and looked out at the countryside. Here's a photo with an explanation: double click on it to expand it and read more closely if interested.

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