20 June 2008

Wow. Victory to Defeat in 15 seconds. Croatia 1:Turkei 1, then after Elfmeterschiessen 1:3

We went to Kreuzberg to eat dinner at our favorite, Everest and to watch the game. I was hoping that Turkei would win so that I could see if they got really excited in Kreuzberg. The regular play ended 0:0 and we needed to race back home to let the babysitter go while the game went into overtime. When we got back to the apartment, it was still 0:0 and the babysitter stayed and watched with us.
First Croatia scored in the last minute, then Turkei scored with 15 seconds to go, plunging Croatia from the heights to the depths., Then came the Elfmeterschiessen, which I have never seen. That has each team shooting at the opposing goal from the 11 meter line. Croatia fumbled its first shot, made the second and fumbled the third. Turkey made every shot and that was the end.
The TV is showing the celebration, which is about 100 yards from here, but it is amazingly (comparatively) quiet now that Ku'dam has been mostly closed to vehicular traffic. My dream game will be Germany vs. Turkey. I think we will wake the kids up after that to go out and see the celebration. It's next Wednesday and the in-laws will be here helping us to move. i don't think we will turn over this apartment (and its huge TV) until the E-M is over.
added: It's pretty cool out there, 1000's ofpeople, men, women, childre, all walking up and down Ku'damm. The German says that this is the "unofficial" fan mile, where fans can go to display pride after a game. In several cities there are official areas.

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Betsy said...

The end of that game was amazing! I'd just decided to go to bed when Croatia shot that first goal. Incredible!