05 June 2008

Miscellaneous Musings and trivia

We are leaving tonight for NRW, there to leave the kids with F and G and take a day in Amsterdam with a stop over in Delft. Before that I wanted/needed to clean out the fridge so that food wouldn't spoil. I skipped Deutsche kurs today (I had planned on going, but a call about the lease delayed me and I said, "What the hey") and, just now, as it would be ending, I have:
  • discussed lease terms with the German for half an hour
  • washed three loads of clothes
  • dried, folded, and put away two loads of clothes
  • made a raspberry banana bread loaf and muffins
  • made a cucumber onion salad
  • unloaded the dishwasher, washed another sink of dishes, cleaned kitchen
  • watched US election coverage
  • still watching the season ender of "Men in Trees"- that's just such a charming show.
  • prepared a (tiny) chicken to roast(it was thawed and won't last until we are back on Tuesday- I will roast it and then bring the meat with us)
  • packed a few boxes for moving
  • started to pack bags for the weekend for myself and the girls
  • Had a cup of coffee (mmm) and now I am going to stop and have another with a muffin.

It's an hour later and I

  • have discussed a lease addenda with the German, he appended it and mailed the lease out
  • put a cabbage beef casserole in the oven (I know! but the meat was in the fridge and that and the cabbage/bok choy would go bad by Tuesday).

And in a whole other post for when I get back I'll tell you why leaving for our trip was delayed...

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