11 June 2008

Amsterdam and Delft

Friday June 6th-Saturday June 7th




Jill said...

Beautiful photos... the architecture is breathtaking. I love that there's color around!

And what would a vacation be without the obligatory McDonald's sighting... it helps my kids feel at home to eat at one wherever we go!

Greg said...

Nice pictures indeed. The architecture of these beautiful buildings is one of the many reasons that I've now made seven visits (or is it six) to AMS.

The hotel just around the corner from the Bloemenmarkt (sp?) and - the Jolly Hotel Carlton - is where B and I stayed last summer. I love that area of town because its such an easy walk to the Leidseplein and the Rembrandtsplein.

When we arrived, B felt a little lost and bought himself a map and a compass and insisted on stopping every block or two to "check our position". Having been so many times before I know my way around fairly well, but I put up with this to humor him for a couple of days by by the third day of our six-day visit, I'd had enough. One day he whipped out his map to do his thing, and I put an "X" on a spot and said "This is where I'll be - catch up with me there when you finish navigating" - which worked... We had a much better time once he decided that he didn't have to play "Alpha male" this time.

Between all of my visits, I've spent about 10 weeks total there. That was more than enough time to decide that if I could, I'd never leave.