21 June 2008

What I haven't been blogging about.

Is that I am just tired.

We did really enjoy going out last night but it's not that it helped me catch up on any sleep. The girls are pushing me to the limit every day with bed time. They went to sleep with the babysitter at 8 pm without a peep, but as per usual with us, it's 21:15 and Thing2 is still running in and out and even Thing1 is doing it tonight. It's broad daylight out there and I understand that they want to stay up, but that's why we put dark blinds in their room! And the yelling: every night I have a headache after bedtime.

The German just got home, so a few orders from him seem to count more than anything I say. And he just got home because he's been putting furniture together all day. He drezzed his EC card by accident and so is not able to go shopping by himself. So the girls and I had to go along with him to Ikea, which is a bus ride and a walk away. Thing1 was able to go to the playground, but Thing2 is too small and she needed to shop with us, a process she finds tedious. Even though we had done all our research in advance, printing out all the furniture that we needed and even though we walked into the store from the back, we were able only to get information to give us some site locations: we needed to go upstairs and get custom modification on the printout for our kleideschrank. Also, while I was waiting for the German to get the row numbers, I saw the white Anneboda and I liked them very much. So instead of getting the much more expensive Pax sliding door wardrobe and pink dressers, we got each of the girls an Aneboda kleideschrank and nightstand and a three drawer dresser to share. We got a highboy, a lowboy, 2 nightstands, a dresser and a large kleideschrank ourselves, as well asa few lights to put in to go with the ones we picked up yesterday from the BauHaus. All our bedroom, living room and dining room furniture will be in the relatively new schwarzbraun. Our current bemustert schwarze Billys will go upstairs to the gallery and we will pick up a few bookcases and schubladen in schwarzbraun for the entryway. We found a "man with a van" from Craig's List (in itself a surprise because CL is generally so inactive here) who picked us all up at Ikea and then helped the German unload and spent a few hours wiring light for us: German apartments come really stripped, with bare wires hanging from the walls and ceilings. We have to purchase and install 12 light fixtures and I think so far we have 6 or 7. We will need to mail-order the ceiling fans as they are relatively uncommon here. And we still have so much to do and can't do anything on Sunday: the country closes on Sunday.
Also, we have a school party tomorrow at which both the German and I need to fulfill duities and then he needs to drive 6 hours west so that, bright and early Monday morning, he can load a trailer with the bits and pieces that we have at the in-laws (such as our beds! Finally, comfortable beds again!).
The annoying thing about all this is not that it needs doing, but that this weekend in Berlin has so many great things going on and we really can't manage to do any of them! There is a street festival at Nolldendorfplatz, "48 Hours" in Neue Kolln (where one of my classmates has a showing), a book festival with tumblers at Unter den Linden.

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Nice! I have the white one too! :)

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