19 June 2008

Portugal 2- Germany 3

This was much more interesting. If Germany had played as badly as they did against the Austrians, they would have lost, so they perked up. The coach is still out of the game because he was carded last game and that was amusing. Portugal put up a good show.

I'm also happy because they have closed Kurfuerstendamm off to motor traffic and that makes it much more liveable: it's just masses of people and bikes marching down the street waving flags and yelling and some miscellaneous firecrackers going off instead of stopped traffic all leaning on their horns. It's so funny hearing them singing through the windows and walls. Fussball definitely is a nationalistic pastime and it is interesting to watch that from the viewpoint of someone who doesn't think of sport in that way.

edit: Now the fireworks are going off.


Diane Mandy said...

G- I keep checking on your blog for the Turkey-Croatia recap. I know with all that beeping you HAVE to be up!

G in Berlin said...

It's there...I am about to run out to take pictures of the crowds...