14 June 2008


Thing2 woke me at 4 am this morning and after changing her I just couldn't go back to sleep. So I ate a cupcake, had a glass of apfel schorle (herbst only!) and I have been cleaning out my TBR blog queue. Do you know that sunrise is at 4 am here in Berlin? It's now 5 am and broad daylight. With the sun setting after 9 and rising before 4 am, this is really a different world than I am used to. And no wonder that during the winter, when things reverse, that SAD (seasonal affective disorder)is such a problem here.


Jill said...

A cupcake sounds delish... even at 4 am.

Something must be in the air as I'm having trouble sleeping past 5 am. Light at 5 am and sunset after 9 pm. I've never experienced that... must be interesting... especially for the kids.

Diane Mandy said...

Daylight at 4a-- it's the strangest thing. Max called me from work to tell me how tired he feels. I think this is part of the reason.