03 June 2008

Visiting the Doctor

Today I took Thing2 in for her 2 year visit. One of the wonderful differences between visiting the German and the American pediatrician (although I adore our American ped- he was there at Thing2's 1st hospital check) is how unrushed I am here at a visit. Even with my poor grasp of German and the Dr's better grasp of English, there is never any feeling of hurry. I think our entire visit was over an hour long, with 40+ being just with the Dr.We discussed general developmental issues as well as physical health issues.
The remaining time was getting immunizations and I really appreciated that as well as Thing2 getting her shots (which we discussed after looking at her medical records), I was able to get two immunizations as well! As the Dr. said, it is also his duty to ensure that the parents are healthy as parents so frequently do not visit the Dr. themselves. Since I had asked whether the meningococcus vaccine was also recommended for adults, and since my HepA needed a booster, they pulled those shots out for me. So first Thing2 had her two shots (with 6 vaccines total) in her adorable little thighs (and no, she did not enjoy them) and then I had one in each arm and she was fascinated to watch that!

We will go back next month to have an additional meningococcal booster with strains more found in the Americas and then in July Thing1 will have her 5 year visit when she will also get that shot (not given in the States) as well as her last DtP booster. Then a year off until her pre-school visit.

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