07 October 2008

Today my child is a grown-up.

Well, not quite. But today, after several days of waklezahne (or wobbly teeth), Thing1 lost her lower left front tooth. And the other lower front tooth ill follow shortly.

If I could figure out how to handle movies and photos on this Mac (and I am getting frustrated) I could show the video I took of her wobbling it about.

I am a little sad. She was rough housing about with Thing2 when I heard a cry and there it was, a lost tooth, all in a bloody swell.

Thing1 wanted to call her kita teacher, S, so we did. Then we called Papa. She doesn't want me to call the Tooth Fairy until she has two teeth available, though.

1 comment:

Alice said...

Congrats Thing1 on your first lost tooth.

I couldn't help but chuckle when you said she didn't want the tooth fairy called until 2 were lost ... that could definately come in handy as she gets older!