07 October 2008

And a cry rose up to the heavens.

No, not a political commentary (although I certainly could make one here...)

The weeping and wailing after I put the kids to bed just seems to get worse. Now the German has to come in, peel them off me, and soothe them. All I get is: Thtay.. thtay...Mama, thtay. It's just so darned cute, with the little pats and tugs, but then when I try to leave the crying starts.

The German just came out: somehow he managed to disngage in three minutes. How does he do it?

'Course, now they have come out, been put back, and are now calling out the rally cry, "Bloood, bloood", so he has to actually see if it's true.

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kenju said...

HA! I remember the things my children resorted to to get me to stay in their rooms so they'd have an excuse not to go to sleep. One has to be firm!!