21 October 2008

Size matters: the US and Germany

By population, the US is the 3rd largest nation in the world with a population of 298,444,215. Right behind China and India.

By area, the US is the 3rd largest nation in the world with 3,537,437 square miles (9,161,923 square km). Right behind Russia and China.

And the area of Germany is 357,021 sq km, or 137,847 sq miles - slightly smaller than Montana, while it's population (as of July 2007) was 82,400,996.

New York, my home state, had a population ranked 3rd in the US at 19,297,729 (2007 est.), with
density at 408.7/sq mi (157.81/km²), while the greater metropolitan area is comprised of 27,000,000+ people.

Area 54,555 sq mi (141,299 km²)-
Width 285 miles (455 km)
Length 330 miles (530 km)

Sometimes when Germans seem condescending or patronizing about my country, its population and the amount of "foreign" travel we do, it's useful to point these facts out.

(I started this October 2, but have moved it to actual post date.)


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your getting a few comebacks in for us poor Americans. I get my knickers twisted when I hear condescending remarks about Americans from some of Germans I've known and know. (Btw, I like the new picture in the heading. I changed mine awhile ago too. Nobody seemed to notice, and I put a lot of thought into that decision.)

G in Berlin said...

Thanks! That's actually a pucture of my parents' yard: I've been getting homesick for the seasons and environment. I think most people don't notice header and blog changes because we are all reading through readers and don't see it: sometimes the only reason I will notice a change is because someone has written such a long post that the reader truncates it and I have to go to the blog to finish. I like your blog style: it's one of the reasons I keep whining about moving to Wordpress.