31 October 2008

Plantar fasciitis revisited, and bronchitis as well.

Sometimes I am amazed to turn around and realize that another week has gone by. When I worked 16 hour days, and even when I worked 9 hour days with a commute, I would never have dreamed that it would be possible to have no time to get everything done if I didn't have an outside job.

This was a moderately challenging week.

Last Friday, after being sick for a bit, I went to a Dr. R that the German had found. He was an orthopod, but German doctors are not as specialized as those in the US and he was able to check me out for bronchitis. After a bit of back and forthing, as he kept saying that I should have an infusion (which I thought was some type of herbal tea), it turned out that he meant an antibiotic drip. That was ok with me. With my history of bronchitis, pneumonia and bacterial superinfection, I take my lungs quite seriously. But since I was there anyway, I decided to speak to him about my still painful foot and to show him my new, expensive, prescription orthotics. He whipped out an ultrasound and examined my foot, which I found intriguing, since the last Dr. had not done so. Then he X-rayed my feet and indicated we would talk after the drip.

What an easy way to get antibiotics (plus lovely energizing electrolytes). I lay down, the Dr. put the needle in (and very well indeed, showing the practice German dr's have compared to their American brethren), and then I read a magazine for 40 minutes.  I can absolutely see why American dr's don't do this: they would never waste the time and space when they can just write a prescription and see five more patients in that time.

Then we took a look at the X-rays and he pointed out the heel spurs on both feet and that the one on the left was pushing into a ligament, which was causing the pain. He rewrote my orthotics prescription so that the ones I had would be modified and gave me an antibiotics script and a physical therapy script for my feet and I ran home to get the kids. Wow. It is so hard to get anything done! It has been about 5 months, I think, since I started having pain in my feet and it has really played a number on my sightseeing desires.

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