17 October 2008

The Final Presidential Debate

I'm watching this now- obviously taped/hard drived- and I don't know how people can sit still. McCain kept on misrepresenting Obama's plans. What a succinct explanation he made of the differences between his health plan and the insanity that is McCain's plan. I really hope those watching can actually understand through McCain's complete obfuscation and flat out lies and misrepresentations , right after Obama said something different.

Please, I am an American. I am not an idiot. Is McCain right? Do American's respond only to key words without any understanding of their meanings? Do American's think that $5,000 taxed will allow them to buy a non-sState regulated $12,000 and increasing policy? Are American's really incapable of following simple sentences?

A friend told me recently that I am not the ordinary American. But I am. The child of an immigrant and the grandchild of other immigrants. My father and grandparents fled persecution and death to thrive in the United Staes, the only country in the world to welcome them, help them, allow them to achieve. When did my country become the country of obfuscation, patronizing lies and idiocy? What do we need to do to our political system to allow a bail out to pass without bribing the lawmakers with 1/7 of the total bail out?

When did the Republican party move from the party of small government to the party of the highly paid lobbyists. What has the world come to when the Republican party believes that Sarah Palin is a role model to myself or any other or when they believe that those who make over $250,000 (and that is net, Joe and John, not gross) are the heart of our country? When did the Democratic party move from wacky Union-lovers to the party that has my interests at heart? When did the interests of mothers, working women, minorities, small business owners (as I was for 10 years), and decent people (who have compassion for those in trouble or less fortunate) become antithetical to the Republican party?

Oh my lord. He just called the pro-choice platform the pro-abortion platform. Evil, evil, evil. I can no longer consider McCain a misguided decent man. What do you expect from a man who chooses a running mate that would not allow abortion in the case of a child raped by her father?


Diane Mandy said...

THere were moments I actually yelled at the TV screen. He's maddening to me.

Anonymous said...

"Do American's respond only to key words" - Oh I pray not! What he doesn't say is that if any of those people have a pre-existing condition, those insurance companies can and will turn them down flat, sending them somewhere else for most costly coverage. Insurance companies have never been known for altruism! And may I add to Diane's comment above, I yell at my tv too! I imagine a lot of us do.