02 October 2008

Six random things...

Three weeks later, as I look at Cathy's meme tag, I am still trying to think what six random things I can share. Some random things are just too personal and some are just too generic. Sometimes I think I'm just a bit too ordinary to have interesting edges.

Random fact 1: I have two master's degrees, an MBA in Finance/RE Finance and a MS in Accounting Information Systems. I had been attempting an accounting degree but I had so many carry over credits I needed to expand the major.

Random fact 2: I really dislike the generic German cuisine. As I enjoy British cuisine, even that which does not derive from India, that tells you how strongly I feel. One of the reasons is the preponderence of pig products, the other is the excessive use of fat and grease.

Random fact 3: Although I have never lived more than 7 hours drive from Manhattan, I spent many summers both in Houston and in Seattle, as my high school chum went to Rice (and still lives in Houston) while my college roommate got her PhD in Seattle. I still think of Seattle as that place with the arid summers where I could pick blackberries while walking through the University district. Houston is, for me, the home of The Hobbit Hole.

Random fact 4: Although I collect wine and love it, I sometimes forget to drink it! At home I would occasionally discover an over ripened bottle if I didn't examine my rotation. (This is more of a problem with Californian wines and with whites).

Random fact 4: I would rather drink cider than beer on a hot day and of an evening red wine is generally my tipple. Here in Germany, where a decent red wine costs less than bottled water in the US (okay, a bit of hyperbole), my red wine consumption appears to be increasing.

Random fact 6: Staying on the topic of tipple, the two things that I will miss when I leave Germany, in a culinary sense, are Quark (which I can make in the US) and Federweiser Wein. The latter in the red variety. It was the first thing that I actually enjoyed that was authentically German last year when I discovered it (I had been surviving on Greek food). It reminded me of my salad days in the Fingerlakes region, when I would buy a carboy of varietal grape juice and make my own wine in the basement of my off campus housing. But it tastes better here.

Was that random enough?

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I'm not going to tag anyone, because I am just too late, but if you would like to join in, please do.

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