02 October 2008

Have you gotten your Ballot yet?

Neither have I. So I called my local election official in New York, because the Overseas Vote Foundation makes it so easy to do so.

They haven't received the ballots in the office yet, expect them next week and will send them out then. Very friendly and nice and will take my address change by e-mail so that rather than using my US forwarding address I can get the ballot directly. Even if I didn't get my ballot in time, I could use the Federal substitute, printable from the Foundation's website, because they confirmed that I am registered as absentee on the rolls (sometimes I get concerned about being "accidentally" disenfranchised).

Check out your own voting rolls to make sure that everything is in order: time is flying and in some states it may already be too late.

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J said...

Thanks for the link. I haven't received my ballot either and might have to use the Federal Write In Absentee Ballot on it.