27 January 2011

Yoga: the second week

Last week , I thought the yoga class was surprisingly easy. I knew that it would be good for me but I was astonished that I could follow along with the class and do just about everything (no worries– it was a Yoga for All) considering that I am basically a bowl of jelly that has done no sport for a very long time (perhaps not really since having the kids).

I was afraid that the class wouldn't be useful to me since I was able to perform the exercises (shade of Groucho Marx, not wanting to be in a club that would accept me). That fear disappeared by Friday evening, when I found it increasingly difficult to turn my head (always a sore spot, after my spinal surgery) or to bend my legs.

I wasn't pain-free until Tuesday.

Today, when I mentioned to a class mate that I had been limping around for days she said, "But it looks as if you don't find it difficult." I thought that was an interesting comment and it made me wonder: how many people do we look at, thinking that they are finding life easy, when actually they are finding it quite difficult?

In the specific, I have a relatively high pain threshold and perhaps I am stretching myself more than I should, but in the bigger scale of things, is it that I am an American and my default is a smile? Should I complain during the class?– a few women actually do moan a bit, or say "no" to trying things.

I'm really enjoying the class and although I anticipate quite a bit of pain tomorrow, I hope that in a few weeks the pain only lasts for 2-3 days rather than for 5!


Anonymous said...

I love a yoga class that causes just a little bit of pain. Ít shows that your muscles are being used! Glad to hear you're loving it.

I'm going to have to find me a yoga class in Heidelberg, because I do miss it.

Helen said...

Glad that you are enjoying the yoga and I hope the pain lessens with time.