30 January 2011

Grüne Woche

Grüne Woche here in Berlin is one of the largest agricultural conventions and exhibitions in the world. According to its literature,

"It's the world's biggest fair for food, agriculture and horticulture."

I can certainly believe that. because after three years of visiting the expo, we have never seen more than the tiniest portion of it.
We hang out in the section with the big tractors and the forestry exhibits and then we spend a good long time looking at all the different animals and watching the horse shows. We visited the cats and watched a dog obedience show as well.

We brought along T1's friend L, and I hope that she had a good time as well.

I thought that this year I might go back alone and visit the more adult sections (where all my friends go to drink alcohol and buy fancy cheese, apparently) but the week got away from me, with class starting, museum visiting a bit of illness and a birthday party getting away. Next year!

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fiona said...

I never knew about Grune Woche, but it sounds ideal for boys with tractor fixations and a love of 'baby animals'. I'll keep an eye out for it next year, sounds excellent. Thanks for the tip.