01 January 2011

For those who hadn't noticed...

I'm never certain who actually reads this blog on a reader, who goes to the blog itself and who gets some other type of feed. But for those who actually go there, 1. How's the new look? I'm afraid it might be a bit too wide and bright and 2. I finally finished all the December posts and they come before the list of books read in the month.
And feel free to say "hi": sometimes I am amazed to see who swings by but doesn't say hello.


Dr. J said...

I generally just read the RSS feed and rarely click through to comment. Usually I just have nothing particularly intelligent or enlightening to add. :)

I think the general layout and colours are fine, but the header looks a little odd with the picture not covering the full width, the heading divided onto two lines and the subheading strangely overlaid. Of course, I'm using Firefox and it may be all due to my browser!

G in Berlin said...

Thanks- that's very helpful! Although I'm using Firefox as well, I don't see it like that. I'll try changing the header photo tomorrow and see if it looks different.
And, Dt J, I don't mean you! I mean the people who have never commented, from countries or states I have never been to, who stop by regularly. I don't comment everyone I read all the time either!
Hope your ankle is better and Happy New Year.

fiona said...

Nice photo! And the blue is lovely, not too garish or bright. I'm seeing it similarly to Dr. J with the header wrapping on to 2 lines.

As for your other point, yes, I find that odd too. I have a couple of people who seem to check my blog sometimes more than once a day and have no idea who they are. I would love to follow their feed right back and get a little bio of who they are.

And Happy New Year!

G in Berlin said...

Thanks, Mom. Here's a sky- T1 thought it was so unusual (blue with fluffy white clouds) that she made me take a photo of it.
I'll put up another shot from the Keukenhof next week and how do you like the lavender now?

Helen said...

Hi G - I'm late to the party (as usual). I like the new look! I prefer uncluttered and easy to read and this layout fits the bill.

Thanks for your encouraging words during my blogging absence. It is appreciated. I'm much like Dr J - and don't comment often, because I don't think I could add much, but now that I'm trying to make blogging a bit more of a habit, I'll stop by more often (yikes - a bit of a long comment!)