09 January 2011


I have been making couscous for ages using a recipe that had me, after expansion, wringing the water out of the grains.

That's darned annoying (and the heat of the water is also painful)!

Today I thought, why don't I just add less water instead? D'oh!

The answer:
  • One part couscous
  • 1 1/2 part boiling water
Stir, cover with a cloth, wait 10 minutes, stir again and serve. This may vary a fit based on your type of couscous, but not a lot. What's even more embrassing is that if you read that Wikipedia link, this direction is right in the article. To be fair to me, if there are cooking directions on the couscous I buy, they are in Turkish.

I wonder what other "of course" moments await me?

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