31 January 2009

What I am reading: January 2009

I haven't been enjoying the format of putting up my reading list in the side-bar, so I am going to try leaving it as a post, which I will update as I read books. I am not certain if I will expand on the reviews or not. I'll start with a +/- to show whether I was glad to read it or not. (I think in the future I will date this the first of the month.) :

  1. The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga: Interesting. Well written. I am over reading stories set in India. Looking at the society is painful.+
  2. The Uncommon Reader by Allan Bennet: Small but gem-like. What if the Queen discovered the joy of reading. A pleasure that is her own rather than belonging to the nation.+
  3. Deep France by Celia Brayfield: Interesting. Odd racist comments float throughout. Perhaps par for the course for UK? Good recipes.+
  4. French Dirt by Richard Goodman: too light. No substance. Facile.-
  5. Swallowing Darkness Laurell K Hamilton: it's like a train wreck. Inside the "erotica" was a plot that I was interested in. 6 books later I'm just glad it's over.
  6. Damien by Jacquelyn Frank: Paranormal romance. 4th in a series I have read since I got the first at an ABA a while back. Much better than the above, with an interesting world peopled by Demons, Lycanthropes, Vampires and Mistrals, existing as Nightwalkers away from the humans who are only peripheral to their existence.

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