15 January 2009

What I've been reading in Links: Anti-Semitism,

and hatred of Jews, as well as an associated look at Israel and how their war to survive is looked at in a world which both holds Jews to a higher standard and ignores the threats to our existence.

With a quick look back at how the German intransigence to accepting responsibility lingers in strange corners that still impact human (and Jewish in particular)life.

Spiegel: For those who told me that I should feel no fear in displaying a Jewish religious icon in Germany, note what happens when one does. The police break one's door down and commit vandalism, then continue to harass the innocent victims. Only when there is a public outcry does an apology follow and still there is no actual remedy.

A non-violent rally of Jews and supporters of Israel in the UK against Hamas, in part to protest the violent anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rally of the weekend.
Some of us are here not because of Israel, but because we are concerned for our Jewish kids on the street, because there are Muslim kids who think if they beat up a Jewish kid or smash up a Jewish shop they are striking a blow for Kashmir or Palestine. People are shouting deaths to Jews and running amok in Golders Green. We are saying " Jews cannot get pushed around in this country". I have got kids at university and I am really concerned for them."

Pro-Hamas Gaza protests in London turn violent. Set to music because some people find violence arousing. I find this more frightening than the actual violence. Note the masks. This is why it should be illegal to cover your face in public.
WindRoseHotel(blog): Who is to blame for Gaza. I discovered this blog (based in Italy) while looking at the nominees for the weblog awards. It's a great read and I particularly found this post well written. It sent me to this Post article: The Demons of Gaza and to this book, which I will be reading as an extremely interesting and topic travel memoir: Looking for Trouble:Adventures in a Broken World.

An older article: Neo-Nazis torch an apartment house, murder 9.

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