26 January 2009

I love NY

The NY take on Holocaust Denying "Bishop" un-excommunicated by Pope.

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Was Pope Benedict XVI right to lift the excommunication of a Holocaust-denying bishop?

Yes. He's the Pope -- it's his call! 19%
No. This bishop is a loon. 75%
Not sure. 7%


Adam said...

Honestly, every time this pope opens his mouth, I'm thrilled. He's singlehandedly managed to reveal how evil the Church is through his homophobia and this bizarre undoing of an ex-communication.

I hope he engages in more shenanigans just like this, it only helps demonstrate how out of touch with reality he is...

honeypiehorse said...

'Loony' seems like a good word choice

hexe said...

Loony is a nice word for this guy. And what moron advised the pope that this would be a good move? I have family who works for Catholic Charities and they are walking around in perpetual disbelief at what has come down from this pope.

Helen said...

I'd vote for something a whole whack stronger than 'loon'.