20 January 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

It's finally here.

Here's LifeHacker's guide to the Inauguration, This has a wonderful list including multiple live streaming Inaugural sites. That's especially important to those of us who are trying to watch internationally.

I'm here in Berlin, which is, I believe, the site of the largest party outside of the US (and only two stops from where I live) but due to an inauspiciously planned Elternabend we will be missing watching the swearing in (11:56 am EST) live. We decided that it's not worth going to a party that starts at 16:00 when we get out at 19:30.(Here's a link to the livestream view of the party- let's see if it works during the time period in question.)

Because of my two little darlings, I am also missing the entire run up. They seem to have no patience for political discussion.

On the other hand, I am DVRing it on both CNN and C-Span, so after the school meeting and a nice steak and salad dinner out, I expect that we will come back, make a choice between the two stations, and then watch a few hours of it.


honeypiehorse said...

Hooray!!! Steak, salad and a new President...

hexe said...

Did you get a chance to watch it yet? Thankfully the kids were well enough for school yesterday (but back home today :( ) so I actually got to watch a bit live. Miracles aren't going to happen, but what a relief that hope exists again.

G in Berlin said...

No steak, no salad, but a new president and at least I got to watch it live. THe German booked the babysitter for the 27th... so I stayed home while he went to the school. Just as well, because Thing 1 was sick (and tonight Thing2 is). Love those illnesses!