07 January 2009

What I've been reading in Links: Anti-Semitism, Economics, Book titles


Jews attacked in attempted murder because of their Judaism: in Denmark, scene of riots over a cartoon which is nothing compared to unnoticed Arabic anti-Semitic cartoons.

Another (American) Jew murdered because he was Jewish: Everyone has forgotten Daniel Pearl. I am so glad to read that some people haven't and that through a lawsuit they are still attempting to uncover the details of his death and how the US and others would prefer to sweep it under the rug.

More anti-Jewish acts on the part of the UN: Let's send a man who calls Israels actions the same as the Nazis to be an impartial observer to Israel. The act of this comparison is itself an act of anti-Semitism by court decree, used even by Shoah deniers as an attempt to trivialize and derogate the Holocaust.

The End of the Financial World as We Know it (NYT): A very well written op-ed by Michael Lewis. I have read his work for years now and he just keeps getting better. From Madoff to an understanding of how he was allowed to continue. It echoes my disgust with business morality, which is clearly exhibited through this anecdote: when I entered Columbia's MBA program, we were given an ethic test, as we were when we left. Our collective ethical values dived during the two years we were there. You see the result in the financial world.
How to repair a broken financial world (NYT): I won't be holding my breath as the foxes guard the henhouse.

Book titles:
Cooking with all things Trader Joe's : interesting concept. Since I don't have TJs here (and Aldi is no substitute), I'm not sure I will get this.
Lifting for Women : I've had this recommended. I'd have to start lifting in the first place but I think I'll keep the title for the future.

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I don't suppose you knew Kristin R? She also studied at Columbia B School and I'm guessing from the age of your kids approx. the same time as you... just wondering.