08 January 2009

Rip van Winkle awakes.

My goodness, I think I have forgotten what it's like to have a good night's sleep.

Last night, I had a migraine and when the German got home, about 19:15, I went to bed. No migraine medication and baths and story telling and then socializing with the husband.

I went to bed. I believe I was asleep at 19:16, certainly before the German was finished changing out of his suit. I woke up at 6 am today, with two children crawling over me, got up, went to their room, and slept until 7 am, when I heard a plaintive call,"Where are you, G, the kids are crying for you." Strangely, what the kids wanted was to watch TV before dressing for school but the German interpreted that to mean I should be awakened.

Except for a nasty crick in the neck (for which I have adopted the German custom of the neck scarf in the house- I find it comforting), I am feeling pretty chipper and ready for the day.

I have really been feeling house bound and exhausted recently. Some of that is SADD, I would guess, with the perpetual greyness and drizzle that is Berlin and I am invigorated by our current (yes it is cold, yes there is snow and ice but there are) CLEAR SKIES!!! Let's see if the extra sleep helps my spirits as well.

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Helen said...

G - glad to hear that you're feeling better - and that you got a good nights sleep, and hooray for blue skies! The grey and dreary winter sky can get one down.