27 October 2010


I had hoped to make a garbage cake, but the recipe I wanted to use needed Oreos, and the kids had eaten them all.

So then I tried for a grass with worms cake, but when I mixed the green and the blue frosting powder, it came out a bit more mucky. So I crumbled a bit of the chocolate cake over the frosting and added (halal- so no pig) gummi worms and went as a garbage-type of cake.

The kids love it. Although T1 wanted more frosting and T2 scraped the frosting off!


Anonymous said...

It looks perfectly disgusting. Except for the worms I'm sure it was delicious. I'll take the frosting, please, but minus the worms.

G in Berlin said...

Doesn't that color green look absolutely disgusting! The worms look more appetizing to me. It didn't affect the taste, though:).

lytha said...

i'll take the worms!! i love gummi anything! i'm really in the right country for it.

it reminds me of something my grandmother used to make, and pioneer woman has it on her website: a potted plant dessert. she uses the worms too!


alas, the recipe uses choc-chip-mint icecream so i guess i'm in the wrong country for that. *sigh*