13 October 2010

My favorite German product

Even though I went to University in the Fingerlakes, the closest I could get to Federweiser at home was to buy carboys of unpasteurised grape juice and let it ferment in my basement: nowhere as convenient and quickly tasty as this. Running a few weeks behind schedule, but hopefully will be available a little bit longer.

(The brown sugar is for chocolate chip cookies, brought back from the US. Anyone know where I can buy the real moist and molassesy stuff here?)


fiona said...

Hello, keep meaning to give you a call in the evening and then by the time evening comes I get wrapped up in German homework and forget!

You might be able to get 'good' brown sugar at Broken English. There are branches in Charlottenburg, Steglitz, and Kreuzberg. You'll find them on the web so you could call and ask. Oh, and ask the price too: could be expensive!

The native said...

Since i think you live in Berlin i can recommend an asian store close to Alexanderplatz (Dircksenstraße 36, 10179 Berlin). There you can buy brown sugar (light and dark) and also other stuff like black beans. My american gf says the brown sugar is very authentic. As a german (with my brown-sugar-deficient-tongue) i wouldn't dare to recommend it to you without an american Ok:-). We call this area little US, because just arround the corner there is Dolores (http://www.dolores-online.de/), a very good californian mexican style place. And not far away there is a frozen yogurt place (http://www.yoli-berlin.de/).

Moonwaves said...

If there's a fair trade shop near you, you could try there. Vollrohrzucker is what I'm thinking of - would be interested to here if you find some and consider it to be 'real' brown sugar as I'm never sure what Americans are looking for when they mention this either :-)

G in Berlin said...

No, Vollrohzucker is a dry natural sugar, rather like Demerara. What Americans are talking about is a sugar that is deep brown and very moist because it is, basically, partially molasses.I have tried to get it at Asian stores (where others have directed me), but it's not the same. I will give Broken English a call, though, and my VHS teacher tells me that LPG has the real stuff, so I'll check it out this week.

Thanks for stopping by, all.

Anonymous said...

I've given up looking for just the right substitute product here. When I go back home, I max out the weight allowance with real brown sugar, maple syrup, and other baking goods they don't sell here. If good cheddar cheese kept longer, I'd bring it over too.
ian in hamburg

Anonymous said...

All my brown sugar (both light and dark) is bought from the Asian grocery store.. 2.50 euro a bag - but worth it.